African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF)

Event Start Date:
September 3, 2019
Event End Date:
September 9, 2019
Event Venue:
Accra, Ghana

The African Green Revolution Forum (AGRF) 2019 takes place in Ghana on September 3-9, and consists of four days of conferences, events, awards, high-level meetings, debates and exhibitions focusing on “Grow Digital – Leveraging digital transformation to drive sustainable food systems in Africa”.

Africa is on the move, with signs of progress and growing prosperity for millions of its people. The continent has witnessed sustained economic growth and a modernization of its economy for more than two decades powered by an increasingly inclusive agricultural transformation and by rapid growth in digital innovations.

Sustained agricultural transformation will remain at the centre of driving Africa’s progress and development; no matter how far we look into the future and how much the world continues to innovate.

Across the continent, evidence exists of farmers that are embracing smart farming by applying digital technologies. The digital era offers many new innovations and breakthroughs that will allow the African continent to get ahead of the curve, and more efficiently and sustainably unlock the full potential of its smallholder farmers and agribusiness sector. This is not simply a case of ‘out with the old, in with the new’. Progress will be greatest for those who learn to bring the two together. We must seize this moment to achieve our aspirations. With the right policies, programmes, and investments, we can ensure that smallholder farmers prosper, that our women are empowered, that our youth enter and shape a vibrant agri-food economy, that our food systems become more sustainable and nutritious, and that we build a prosperous Africa.

For more background information and online registration, please visit the AGRF 219 website.