OECD ICT Indicators Database

The OECD ICT Indicators Database is the compilation of 14 ICT indicators drawn from various publications and databases produced by the OECD’s Directorate for Science, Technology, and Innovation. They are updated annually or on a rolling basis, as data becomes available.

OECD ICT indicators include:

  • Access lines and access paths in total / per 100 inhabitants for OECD countries
  • Mobile subscriptions in total / per 100 inhabitants for OECD countries
  • Trends in telecommunication revenue, investment, and access paths
  • Broadband subscriptions per 100 inhabitants in OECD countries
  • Percentage of fiber connections in total broadband
  • Households with broadband connections, urban and rural
  • Enterprises’ broadband connectivity, by firm size
  • Small and medium enterprises with broadband access, fixed or mobile
  • Employment of ICT specialists across the economy, as a share of total employment, by category
  • Employment in the ICT sector and sub-sectors
  • Growth of employment in the ICT sector and its sub-sectors in the OECD area
  • Telecommunication services revenue in total for OECD countries
  • Telecommunication infrastructure investment in total for OECD
  • Value-added of ICT sector and sub-sectors
  • ICT and total business expenditure on R&D
  • Specialization in ICT-related patents
  • International co-inventions in ICT
  • ICT goods and services in manufacturing exports, by economy or region of value-added origin
  • Changes in wages relative to labor productivity
  • ICT investment by a capital asset, as a percentage of GDP
  • Evolution of ICT investments, as a percentage of total investment