World Bank Africa Development Indicators

Africa Development Indicators provides a detailed collection of available data on Africa. It contains macroeconomic, sectoral, and social indicators, covering 53 African countries.

Indicators include:

  • 1st pillar: Institutions
  • 2nd pillar: Infrastructure
  • 3rd pillar: Macroeconomic stability
  • 4th pillar: Health and primary education
  • 5th pillar: Higher education and training
  • 6th pillar: Goods market efficiency
  • 7th pillar: Labor market efficiency
  • 8th pillar: Financial market sophistication
  • 9th pillar: Technological readiness
  • 10th pillar: Market size
  • 11th pillar: Business sophistication
  • 12th pillar: Innovation
  • Fiscal balance, cash surplus/deficit
  • Access to finance
  • Access to land
  • Adjustment to Arrears
  • Adjustment to foreign scheduled debt service
  • Adjustment to foreign scheduled principal repayments
  • Adjustments to schedule debt service
  • Adjustments to scheduled interest
  • Age dependency ratio
  • Age of the firstborn child
  • Agricultural area irrigation

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