Land Portal Land Datasets

Land Portal offers a searchable platform for datasets related to land and land issues such as forest restoration, indigenous community land rights, land and corruption, land and food security, land and gender, land and investment, land stakeholders and institutions, socio-economic and institutional context, and urban tenure.

Featured datasets include:

  • Afrobarometer
  • ASTI
  • Bonn Challenge barometer
  • Corruption Perceptions Index
  • Land Governance Programme Map and Database
  • FAO Databases on the agricultural census, food security, gender and land rights, land use, livestock production
  • Transparency International’s Global Corruption Barometer
  • Global Open Data Index
  • Global Hunger Index
  • Land Matrix
  • Land Conflict Watch
  • Lao Census of Agriculture
  • LandMark databases on indigenous lands
  • Natural resource Governance Institute
  • OECD Gender Index
  • Global Land Alliance Prindex
  • Rights and Resources Initiative Forest Tenure Data
  • Human Development Index
  • UNEP-WCMC Drylands Database
  • Web Foundation OpenData Barometer
  • World Bank Datasets