FAO Rural Income Generating Activities (RIGA) Database

The RIGA database contains a series of constructed variables about rural and urban income-generating activities created from the original data sources. The RIGA database is composed of two subsets, the household-level income aggregate or RIGA-H, and the individual wage employment dataset or RIGA-L.

RIGA-H includes a comprehensive measure of household income presenting aggregated and disaggregated data on income from different sources such as crop and livestock production, household enterprises, wage employment, transfers, and non-labor earnings.

The RIGA-L database includes only one component of income – wage employment – which can be analyzed at both the individual- and job- level. The “Income Aggregate Documentation” (for RIGA-H) and the “RIGA-L Methodology” (for RIGA-L) construct the income and employment variables, making information on the main variables available through the RIGA-H and RIGA-L datasets. The data can be downloaded for each survey by clicking on the links on the documentation page.