FAO Gender and Land Rights Database (GLRD)

Launched in 2010, the Gender and Land Rights Database provides policymakers, legislators, and advocates for women’s land rights, with up-to-date country-level information on the legal developments and factors that promote or prevent the realization of gender-equitable land tenure.

The GLRD contains three main sections:

  • 83 regularly-updated country profiles: they provide key facts about gender and land rights in constitutions, family law, succession law, land law, customary and religious law as well as policies and programs.
  • Gender and land-related statistics: they provide the most recent land-related statistics disaggregated by gender (e.g. distribution of agricultural holders)
  • Legislation Assessment Tool: this practical tool helps visualize the legal intricacies surrounding access to land in selected countries by men and women, and helps identify areas where legal reform is needed. Assessment results can be used to inform policy- and law-making processes.