Digital Agriculture has the potential to disrupt the status quo of agriculture and improve its efficiency, equity, and environmental sustainability (EEE).


Every year governments spend half a trillion dollars supporting agriculture and the food system. However, this investment is not producing the desired growth, equity, and sustainability outcomes. How can this public spending be redirected to deliver better incomes, poverty reduction, nutrition, and environmental results?

Digital Agriculture has the potential to deliver significant positive impacts for producers, consumers and the environment. What impacts can digital technologies bring to actors along the agricultural value chain? Are countries ready to digitally transform their agriculture sector? How should policymakers adapt regulations to these changes?

Please join our journey in discovering how digital technologies can transform the agriculture sector, and how regulators can create enabling environments and address the rising data and privacy issues associated with digital agriculture. We hope to crowd-in some of the world’s best minds to participate in a global conversation on food and technology. We invite people with diverse backgrounds and perspectives to join us and share their comments. Start the conversation in the comment boxes at the bottom of every page, or send us your comments via the contact form on the Contact Us page.